IoT Solution Services

Our IoT Solution Services are designed for two types of businesses. We assist companies that want to adopt IoT technologies into their business processes. And, we accompany established firms and startups that are developing new IoT products and looking for advice from industry and innovation experts.

IoT Solutions


Phase 1 - Requirements: We begin each project by analysing and understanding your business requirements. It's great if you already have a requirement specification. And no problem if you don't - we will help bring your idea into a format that can be understood, digested, and agreed between all technical and non-technical stakeholders. 


Phase 2 - Research: Based on the requirements specification, we will research optimal technologies and existing COTS products. We will often find commercially available solutions or components that can be combined and integrated into your current ecosystem or used as a basis for your new IoT product. Here, we will make use of our broad network of IoT hardware and ecosystem partners. We will provide you with multiple comparable alternatives you can select from. Each option will be backed by a cost and timeframe estimate and analysed for potential risks.



Phase 3 - Solution Architecture: After you have selected a solution path, we will suggest a solution architecture considering all components, including hardware, software and connectivity options. Typically, unless you have other preferences, we will select an appropriate solution architecture framework and work with UML/SysML diagrams. Together with the solution design documents, you will receive an accurate work and cost breakdown for both initial implementation and operations.


Additional services: We can also provide additional technical services such as project and product management as well as integration services to assist your team during the implementation, manage the relationship with 3rd parties and help with the product launch and deployment.