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We provide IoT Development Kits for professional automation solutions. 

Smart Plug with API

Kiwi Warmer Rowi is a professional IoT Automation Kit - a developer edition of the Kiwi Warmer Smart Plug, equipped with a powerful Espressif ESP32 MCU, an open REST API, Mobile SDK and integration with the ESPHome ecosystem. Rowi can be used for automation projects to control any electrical device connected to the mains voltage. In addition to the switching capabilities, Rowi also has an integrated temperature sensor SHTC3 that can be accessed through the API via HTTPS, MQTT or ESPHome.


WiFi 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.2/BLE
MCU Espressif ESP32
Mains voltage 110-240V
Switching current 10A
Temp. sensor SHTC3 (ANZ)
IP rating IP20
Material ABS and PC
Communication HTTP, HTTPS, MQTT
Integrations AWS, REST, ESPHome
Power Meter NEW - request samples!
API and Frameworks REST API, C/C++, Ionic+Angular
Available regions


How is Rowi different from the existing Smart Plug solutions?

Rowi Smart Plug is fully customisable in its functionality and user interface. Rowi can be operated as a standalone device or connected to a local WiFi network that does not require Internet/cloud connectivity, which maximises security, privacy, response time and service availability. The built-in temperature sensor enables one to monitor environmental conditions and react to them. Even though Rowi is built for professional and industrial purposes, it can also be used by hobbyists for Smart Home and Smart Gardening projects. 


REST API Example

Controlling a Rowi device using REST API is super easy. Below example shows how to to turn on and off the relay remotely using the curl command. Detailed API reference can be provided upon request. Please send us an email if you would like to receive a full product manual including API reference.



curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"data": "on"}'



curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"data": "off”}'

Use cases

Smart HomeS for HOBBYISTS and professionals

Use our Smart Plug API to easily create your own Smart Home, Smart Building and Smart Gardening solutions - for yourself or for your customers!


Integrate Rowi into the existing ecosystem to control a wide range of applications, for instance, lighting, audio, video, camera, cooling or heating. 


Use our Mobile App SDK to create own Mobile Applications and distribute them under your own brand!

Maximise energy efficiency of office equipment

Switch on and off unused office equipment, cooling, heating and lighting using a scheduler, a central computer, mobile/tablet app or remote functionality to reduce carbon footprint and save energy.

  • Weekend and Night mode
  • Lighting control based on sunset and sunrise
  • Heating and air conditioning control based on weather forecasts
  • Remote switch on and off, for instance, to react to the Covid alert levels

Digital kiosks and vending machines

Use Rowi to switch on and off digital kiosks and vending machines at appropriate times using integrated timers or sunset and sunrise settings to save energy.

  • Weekend and Night mode
  • Lighting control based on sunset and sunrise
  • Remote reset
  • Remote switch on and off function, for instance, to react to the Covid alert levels
  • Can operate as a standalone application in remote areas without network and internet

BLE Gateway

Rowi Smart Plug is based on a powerful ESP32 WROOM 32 MCU with an integrated Bluetooth/BLE module. This enables Rowi to act as an IoT gateway for Bluetooth and BLE-enabled sensors.

  • Collecting data from BLE sensors, e.g. Temperature, Humidity and CO2
  • Sending data to an IoT cloud for processing and visualisation, e.g. AWS IoT or to our own Wao cloud 
  • Power from the wall socket - no battery required
  • Easy to set up and deploy

Server watchdog in data centres and server rooms

Rowi can detect failures in the server rooms and react to them by resetting the router, switching on a backup router or turning on a backup air conditioning system.

  • Detect faults in the internet connectivity
  • Detect overheating using an internal temperature sensor
  • Switch on and off backup equipment in the event of a fault
  • Inform IT and Operations manager about server overheat via SMS and E-Mail
  • Can be accessed from a local or VPN network (no cloud connection required)

Automating testing and validation procedures

Rowi can be used to automate the testing and validation processes at the test labs, for instance, EMC/Radio, Electrical Safety and Environmental testing labs.

  • Switch on and off various testing equipment
  • Activate, deactivate EUT
  • Easy integration into the existing test procedures
  • Reproducible response times
  • Shortest latency
  • Standalone mode (no cloud connection required)

Camera watchdog

Video cameras for surveillance and traffic control rely on stable internet connectivity. However, unfortunately, there are situations in which either the camera or the internet gateway “freezes” due to a software error or deadlock. The only remediation often is rebooting the camera and the internet gateway to restart the software and bring it back to its default operation state. Rowi can detect an internet failure and reset both the camera and the internet gateway.


It is a very valid use case for both industrial and residential use. Imagine you are on vacation out of town and want to access your camera to check if everything is ok with the house, but the internet router freezes again - Rowi can detect and fix this!

Customisation options

Depending on the use case and customisation level required for your project, we have four options: REST API, ESPHome integration, Mobile SDK, and White labelling. 


Smart Plug with open API. Enables you to control one or multiple Rowi devices within a local WiFi network using an open REST API. 

Rowi - ESPhome

Use Rowi Smart Plug within the legendary Home Automation ecosystem ESPHome. You won’t need any programming skills to get started with ESPHome and if you are capable of configuring Home Assistant integrations using YAML, you will feel right at home.

ROWI - Mobile SDK

Smart Plug with open Mobile SDK. Develop your own mobile app using the Kiwi Warmer Mobile platform. Program with Angular and IONIC frameworks.

rOWI - WHite label

The ultimate development kit that enables you to develop and launch your own products based on the Kiwi Warmer firmware and mobile app platforms and using your own branding. Includes all features of the Firmware SDK and Mobile SDK packages.