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About Vaiotech

Vaiotech is a New Zealand based IoT and Mobile consultancy with a strong focus on technology and innovation founded in 2019.  Our mission is to help New Zealand small and medium-sized businesses grow sustainably through the adoption of mobile and IoT technologies.


The Founder

About myself: I am a passionate engineer and entrepreneur with twenty years of experience in designing, architecting, and developing software and hardware solutions. Over the course of ten years in the German automotive industry, I led the creation and successful launch of innovative products in various areas, including vehicle control, telematics, M2M, and data analytics. My passion for technology dates back to my youth, when I wrote my first C program on an 80286 machine at the age of fourteen – twelve years after, I launched my first commercial RF-based M2M system with 200 connected vehicles. I enjoy solving complex problems and improve people’s lives with technology and smart solutions.


While focusing on customer solutions, we partner with established companies and experts that specialise in cloud and IoT ecosystem, telematics, hardware manufacturing, device certification and design.