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Customisable Platform for Smart Homes

Embrace the Future of Smart Home Technology with Our Customisable Platform for Smart Homes and Smart Buildings. 

Customisable IoT Platform for Smart Home and Smart Building Solutions

Accelerate Your Entry into the Smart Home Industry with Our Tailored Platform.  Are you looking to enter the booming market of smart home technology, but unsure where to start? Look no further! Our platform offers a comprehensive solution that includes electronics, firmware, software, and backend components, all tailored to meet your specific needs. With our platform, you can enjoy the benefits of a fully customised smart home product in record time. Say goodbye to lengthy development processes and astronomical costs. Our efficient platform allows us to rapidly build and brand your product, ensuring a quick time-to-market and significant cost savings.

Unleash Your Brand. What sets our platform apart is the ability to create your own unique branding. Your product will reflect your company’s identity, creating a seamless integration into your existing product line. In addition, we go a step further by providing you with your own dedicated mobile app. This app is designed to enhance user experience and provide seamless control over your smart home devices. Beyond branding and mobile app capabilities, our platform offers the flexibility to incorporate specific functionalities that align with your unique requirements. Need a smart home system that emphasizes energy efficiency? No problem. Looking to integrate voice control functionality? Consider it done. The possibilities are endless, and our platform provides the flexibility to tailor your product to perfection.

Get Your Product Ready for Market. Our platform is pre-certified, ensuring that your final product meets all necessary regulatory standards and certifications for distribution in your specific region. Our team is dedicated to handling the compliance process, ensuring that your product is legally and safely ready for distribution. With our thorough understanding of regional regulations, you can have peace of mind knowing that your smart home solution is in compliance and ready to be introduced to the market.

Smart Building and B2B. The same technology is well-suited for smart buildings, making it ready for B2B applications. Just imagine the possibilities of creating a customised smart building solution that aligns with the specific needs and branding of businesses. Whether it’s integrating advanced energy management systems, intelligent access control, or seamless automation for improved efficiency, our platform can adapt to meet these requirements. Moreover, our platform also prioritises energy efficiency and air quality management. By incorporating advanced sensor technologies and analytics capabilities, businesses can monitor and optimise energy consumption, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately reduce their environmental impact. This not only leads to cost savings but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.

Truly Smart. Our platform provides a range of sensors that cover every aspect of your environment, including Temperature, Humidity, and Air Quality. Not only that, but it also seamlessly integrates with all your BLE-enabled sensors, providing a comprehensive monitoring system. But what sets us apart is our cutting-edge technology that enables full autonomous control operations. Leveraging the power of edge computing, weather forecasts, AI, and machine learning, our platform ensures that your environment is constantly optimised for maximum comfort and efficiency. The platform can intelligently analyse data from various sensors, process weather information, and make informed decisions to improve the air quality, balance temperature, and adjust humidity levels in real-time. That’s the power of our smart platform. Experience the future of environment monitoring and control with our truly smart platform. Transform the way you interact with your surroundings and enjoy a more comfortable and efficient lifestyle and workplace.

High-quality Engineering and Manufacturing. With the headquarters based in New Zealand, all R&D are conducted by a brilliant team of engineers from around the world. Additionally, we have aligned ourselves with an exceptional manufacturing partner in China, bringing over 20 years of electronic manufacturing experience to the table. Together, we strive for excellence in delivering top-quality products to our valued customers.

Get in touch today. Don’t let the complexities of developing a smart home and smart building solution hold you back. Our Customisable Platform is here to simplify the process, providing you with a swift, cost-effective, and highly personalised solution. Ready to take your  venture to the next level? Contact us today and let’s bring your vision to life!

Our Offering

Whether you are looking for a quick and efficient solution or prefer a fully customisable platform, we have you covered. Our ready-to-use off-the-shelf product is available for purchase in Australia, New Zealand, and the EU, allowing you to get up and running in no time. With this option, you can enjoy the benefits of a carefully designed product that has been meticulously crafted and tested for quality and performance.

For those seeking a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with their individual requirements, our customisable platform is the ideal choice. With a wide array of features and characteristics, you have the freedom to create a solution that is unique to your business. Our platform offers unparalleled flexibility, empowering you to optimise its performance, scalability, and technology to match your exact needs. When you choose our customisable platform, you gain access to our team of collaborative experts. We will work closely with you to understand your goals and vision, guiding you throughout the process to ensure you get the most out of our platform. With our experience and expertise, you can rest assured that you will receive a solution that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.

Platform Features

Unlock the full potential of your smart home or smart building product with our diverse range of platform features. Whether you choose our off-the-shelf products, ready for immediate worldwide deployment and equipped with cutting-edge features, or opt to customise your own unique ecosystem using our versatile platform, the possibilities are limitless. Explore the table below to see how our platform can fulfil your vision and transform the way you interact with technology.