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Kiwi Warmer Series

Your Next Generation Temperature, Humidity, and Air Quality Control!

Transform Your Appliances into Smart Devices with the Kiwi Warmer!

The ultimate add-on that turns your regular appliances into smart devices. Simply connect the Kiwi Warmer into a wall socket and plug your appliances into it to unlock a whole new level of control and convenience.

With its user-friendly mobile app, managing your appliances has never been easier. Experience the ultimate control and efficiency with the Kiwi Warmer, a revolutionary all-in one device designed to enhance your living or working space.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable environments and hello to a new level of comfort, energy management, and air quality awareness.


Product Features

• Controls appliances based on Temperature and Humidity Output

• Built-in Energy Monitoring

• Built-in Air Quality Monitoring

• Easy plug-and-play setup

• Configurable timers

• Dashboard for all connected appliances

• User-friendly mobile app for Android and iOS

• Family Sharing

Supported appliances





Temperature and Humidity Control

Optimal Comfort:
The Kiwi Warmer ensures your space is always at the perfect temperature and humidity levels, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Health and Well-being:
Maintaining the right temperature and humidity range is crucial for your health. Avoid issues like mould growth, respiratory problems, and discomfort caused by extreme conditions.

Energy Efficiency:
With precise control over heaters, coolers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers, the Kiwi Warmer optimises energy consumption, helping you save on utility bills while enjoying a comfortable environment.

Air Quality Monitoring

Breathe Fresh Air:
The Kiwi Warmer goes beyond temperature and humidity control, featuring an advanced eC02 air quality sensor. It constantly monitors the carbon dioxide levels in your environment, ensuring you breathe in clean and heaIthy air.

Real-time Monitoring:
The Kiwi Warmer features an advanced air quality sensor that continuously monitors the air in your space, providing real-time insights into the quality of the environment.

Health Protection:
High levels of carbon dioxide can lead to drowsiness, headaches, and poor concentration. The Kiwi Warmer empowers you to maintain optimal air quality, promoting productivity, alertness and overall well-being.

Energy Consumption Insights

By monitoring energy usage, the Kiwi Warmer helps you understand and manage your energy consumption patterns, enabling you to make informed decisions for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Combined with temperature, humidity, and air quality control features, the Kiwi Warmer offers a comprehensive solution for creating the perfect environment while making your appliances smarter than ever before.

Upgrade your appliances and simplify your life with the Kiwi Warmer.

Experience convenience, energy savings, and control at your fingertip. Get started today and discover a new level of smart living.

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Product Features

• Turns on and off the heaters based on the desired room temperature, considering weather forecasts as well as sunrise and sunset timings

• Is constantly optimising energy usage and heating experience by adapting to the specific of the rooms such as size and insulation metrics

• Provides configurable temperature settings in the range from 14°C to 24°C

• Enables variable temperature settings for the different times of the day and days of the week

• A dashboard offers an overview of all installed Kiwi Warmers and provides temperatures of all rooms at a glance

• Enables each family member to access heaters from their own mobile devices

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See our regional data sheets for more information about this product

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