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Mobile Development Services

Our Mobile Development Services cover the entire end-to-end development process of mobile apps – from the requirements analysis and UX design to deployment and publication in the mobile app stores.


Your requirements: You may have already created a requirements specification for your mobile app and even sketched UI mockups. It’s great – we can start implementing your concept immediately! No problem, otherwise – will provide professional mobile consulting and analysis to understand your needs and elicit business requirements at no cost!

Your roadmap: From experience, there are always more features that can be implemented and tested within the required timeframe regardless of the team size. We can help you to prioritize your requirements and translate them into a manageable roadmap.

UX Design

It’s all about your user: You will receive an awesome mobile app from us. However, your users will use it not because it’s beautiful but because of the service, you are providing to them. Our UX design approach aims to make sure that your users get the best possible experience while consuming your service on their mobile devices.

Early feedback: Bringing the complex functions into compact mobile screens is a science we are well versed in. Our priority is always to make mobile apps easy to follow. So, before moving to the implementation stage, we will emulate the user interactions with the mobile app by applying various UX techniques. This project stage is an excellent opportunity for you and your future users to participate in the design process and provide feedback.


Technology choice: Broadly speaking, there are three different technologies available to develop mobile apps: Native apps, Hybrid apps and Cross-platform apps. They all have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the nature of your application, your timeframe and budget requirements and perhaps your already existing source code that can be potentially reused for this project. Based on these factors, we will suggest the best suitable technology for you.

Our programming languages:

-Native iOS apps: Objective C and Swift
-Native Android apps: Java
-Hybrid apps: Cordova, Ionic and Angular
-Cross-platform apps: React Native