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BLE Gateway

Introducing our cutting-edge BLE Gateway – the ultimate solution for seamless integration of Bluetooth and BLE-enabled sensors into your IoT network. Our BLE Gateway is designed to simplify and streamline the entire process, making it effortless for you to collect valuable data and leverage it to drive business insights.

Built with convenience and efficiency in mind, our BLE Gateway is based on a Smart Plug concept. Simply connect it to any standard wall socket and enjoy its uninterrupted operation. Powered by the immensely capable ESP32 WROOM 32 MCU and boasting an integrated Bluetooth/BLE module, our gateway offers unmatched performance and reliability.

Features of the BLE Gateway

1. Real-Time Data Collection: Our gateway effortlessly collects data from a wide range of BLE sensors including temperature, humidity, and CO2. This allows you to monitor crucial environmental metrics and gain actionable insights for enhanced decision-making.

2. Seamless Data Processing and Visualisation: With the ability to send data to leading IoT clouds such as AWS IoT or our own Wao cloud, you can effortlessly analyze and visualize your sensor data. Leverage the power of advanced analytics to discover impactful patterns and make informed business decisions.

3. Power Efficiency: Our BLE Gateway draws power directly from the wall socket, eliminating the need for any batteries or frequent replacements. Enjoy continuous operation without any interruptions or maintenance headaches.

4. Simple Setup and Deployment: Setting up and deploying our BLE Gateway is incredibly easy, even for those with no prior IoT experience. Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive guides ensure a hassle-free installation process that can be completed in no time.

Experience the power of the Internet of Things with our innovative BLE Gateway. Streamline your data collection, enhance decision-making, and drive business growth, all while enjoying a hassle-free setup and operation. 

Discover the limitless possibilities of our BLE Gateway – it’s not just a gateway, it’s a comprehensive device that unlocks a world of potential for your IoT ecosystem. Equipped with a socket outlet, this device seamlessly connects to your appliances or electrical devices, giving you full control over their functions. With an integrated relay and powerful MCU, you can monitor power consumption and make informed decisions to optimise energy usage.

Imagine the possibilities – effortlessly collect sensor data from BLE sensors, seamlessly send it to the cloud for analysis and visualization, control your appliances remotely, and make intelligent decisions at the edge. Our BLE Gateway has it all.

Get ready to experience a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in your IoT network. Don’t settle for ordinary gateways – choose our BLE Gateway and unlock the true potential of your connected environment. Contact us today to transform your IoT vision into reality.